Major Conversion ​​(Reconstruction)​ as exist Pass. Ship according to Greek requirements in order to carry 1140 Passengers – F=0.5 (from F=1.0) and comply with SOLAS 90 and Stockholm Agreement for SWH=​2.50m for Domestic Voyages Category ‘B’ of EC


  1. ​​​​​Reconstruction of Vessel above Deck-3 till Deck-8 along entire Length
  2. Installation of two New Escalators and two New Lifts
  3. Installation of New Generator and New Emergency Generator
  4. Installation of three New Aft. Ramp Doors

​Installation of Duct Tail to increase Speed approximately by 0.4 Knots, after Scaled experiment at NTUA Experimental Tank

Year: 2012/2014

Conversion as exist Pass. Ship according to Greek and European requirements


Year: 2016